Family Umrah Travel Guide

Travelling to Umrah can be the desire of every Muslim. From solo travel to family travel, it can give you a lot of spiritual benefits. However, when travelling with your family, you must take care of many things. Family members may include disabled people, older, children, adults, etc.

Umrah, a lesser pilgrimage of Islam, allows you to clear your past sins and refresh your inner feelings. You might get very emotional and happy on your first Umrah. While seeing the spiritual environments with your family, you should be careful of your surroundings, older ones, children, etc. So, in this blog post guide, we will explore some travel tips for family Umrah.

Educate your family about Umrah:

Before performing Umrah, you should have enough knowledge about it. Please remember that Umrah has just only four steps:

  • Ihram attire
  • Tawaf
  • Sa’ee
  • Qasr

You must educate your family members about Umrah’s performance. If you know, that’s well, but if you don’t have enough knowledge, firstly, take knowledge from an authorised source. After learning the rituals, it’s time to educate your family members, especially your adult ones and children.

Pack smartly for your family:

Packing is essential for all family members when travelling. You must have proper luggage containing your essentials to stay in other countries. While packing, check the demands of your family members travelling with you. For example, some older pilgrims obviously need comfortable clothing, mobility aids, appropriate footwear, accessible arrangements, etc.

Choose the best time for your family’s Umrah travel:

There are many best times for performing Umrah throughout the year. Some of the best and most rewarding times are Ramadan, after Hajj, Easter holidays, and December. Your best time may depend on your personal preferences and needs. For example, October would be the best time if you would like to travel. 

You should opt for some factors when selecting the best times:

  • The weather
  • The crowds
  • Rewards of Umrah

Select the best family Umrah packages

Packages have become the best and mandatory opportunity nowadays for everyone. Packages can provide many benefits and services, such as flights, accommodations, transportation, visa issuance facilities, etc. You can also customize your package according to your needs. You may need the wheelchair for your older pilgrims, so the best thing to do is to tell your concerned travel agent about the disability or any other customization. Book the Family Umrah Packages in advance for your convenience and satisfaction if you want to travel to Mecca this year.

Be mindful of your health with your family

Health should be the top priority, and you should never compromise your health at any cost. Prepare yourself physically and mentally, along with your family members. Physical preparation can include daily exercises, diet, walking, etc. Remember that most of the Umrah rituals belong to walking or running. Notable exceptions are for only the disabled and older pilgrims. Teach your children how they have to do rituals while having good health.

  • Stay healthy
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat healthy
  • Keep yourself clean

Priorities safety and comfort

While travelling anywhere in the world, you must have to take care of your surroundings. Keep yourself safe along with your family members. Safety is mandatory to avoid pickpockets that may attack you. While having safety, you should be comfortable throughout your journey. If any authority member asks you in other nations to provide your ID, don’t panic; be comfortable and relaxed to handle any situation.

Focus on the spiritual growth of your whole family

Spiritual goals can only be achieved if you perform all the rituals/steps with full passion and have the sole purpose in your mind and heart. Your primary purpose of Umrah is only for Allah’s sake (SWT); you should remember this for your spiritual growth. 

You can also perform other activities for the spiritual growth of your family, such as:

  • Family prayers
  • Performing Umrah jointly
  • Reflecting on Islam’s regulations and guides
  • Teaching the children about religious activities

Final words

Let’s finalise this by illustrating the overall view of the abovementioned discussion. Your family’s Umrah travel can become enjoyable and memorable if you do the abovementioned acts. Your journey may go well if you plan to go with your family! Moreover, Easter is the suitable occasion if you want to perform with your family members. During this festival, the schools and other institutions are closed in the United Kingdom. This thing is beneficial for a family-oriented travel. So, if you’re interested to travel to Mecca with your family, book the Best Umrah Packages from a reliable travel agency such as Labbaik Travel Agency.

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