Unlocking Success: A Guide on How to Work with iCopify for Guest Posts


Guest posting has emerged as a powerful strategy for expanding your online presence and establishing authority in your niche. Among the many platforms that facilitate guest posting, iCopify stands out as a user-friendly and efficient option. 

Tech Times Insider Will Guide you how to Get Orders on iCopify for guest posts  , as a reseller or as a owner of website

Understanding iCopify

iCopify is an online platform that serves as a bridge between content creators and website owners or bloggers seeking high-quality guest posts. It’s a user-friendly marketplace designed to streamline the process of acquiring and providing content for websites and blogs. To make the most of iCopify, it’s essential to grasp its core features and functionalities:

Content Exchange: 

  • At its core, iCopify functions as a content exchange platform. Website owners and bloggers can list their content requirements, specifying topics, word counts, and other preferences. Content creators, on the other hand, browse these listings and submit proposals for guest posts.

Diverse Client Base:

  •  iCopify boasts a diverse client base that spans various niches and industries. This diversity provides content creators with a wide range of writing opportunities, allowing them to explore different subjects and markets.

User-Friendly Interface: 

  • The platform’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process of finding and completing content projects. Content creators can easily navigate through available jobs, submit proposals, and communicate with clients and editors.

Secure Transactions:

  •  iCopify offers secure payment processing, ensuring that content creators receive compensation for their work. It provides a reliable system for tracking project milestones and ensuring that payments are made promptly.

Client Ratings and Reviews:

  •  Clients have the option to rate and review content creators based on their work quality and professionalism. These ratings and reviews serve as a valuable tool for content creators to build their reputation and attract more clients.

Content Guidelines: 

  • To maintain high standards of quality, iCopify often provides guidelines and requirements for content submissions. Content creators should carefully review these guidelines before pitching or writing to meet client expectations.

Content Ownership:

  •  iCopify typically clarifies content ownership in its terms and conditions. Depending on the agreement, content creators may retain some rights to their work, or it may become the property of the client. It’s crucial to understand and agree to these terms before engaging in any content creation.

Communication Tools: 

  • The platform offers communication tools, such as messaging features, to facilitate effective interactions between content creators, clients, and editors. Timely and clear communication is key to successful collaboration.

Portfolio Showcase: 

  • Content creators can showcase their work and expertise on their iCopify profiles. Building an impressive portfolio helps attract clients looking for experienced writers.

Payment Structure:

  •  iCopify may have different payment structures, including per-word rates, fixed fees, or other arrangements. Content creators should understand the payment terms associated with each project they undertake.

How to work as a Reseller and Get Bulk Order;

How to work as a Reseller
How to work as a Reseller

As you saw my earning screen short this is what i have earned with icopify . I applied a simple and easy method.

You have a list of website , you deal with them on a price , first  upload website on icopify with same prices like if you have 5$ website add 5$ website in bulk and also provide Content Creation Service. After 2 days add 10$ then more and more. Like this add Good bulk site and you will definitely get orders if you add bulk and unique sites in icopify .

How to get Orders in icopify
How to get Orders in icopify

Preparing Your Website  for Guest Posting on iCopify

Before diving into the world of guest posting on iCopify, you need to make some preparations:

  • Keyword Research for SEO: Start by researching keywords relevant to your niche. These will help you create content that resonates with your target audience and ranks well in search engines.
  • Identifying Target Audience and Niches: Determine your target audience and the niches you want to write for on iCopify. This will guide your content creation efforts.
  • Creating High-Quality Content Samples: Having a portfolio of high-quality content samples will increase your chances of getting approved by clients on iCopify.

Registering and Navigating iCopify

Getting started with iCopify is straightforward:

  • Sign Up: Create an account on iCopify by providing your details and credentials.
  • Navigating the Platform: Familiarize yourself with the iCopify dashboard and user interface. Explore the available features, including the job board and client profiles.
  • Setting Up Your Profile: Complete your profile by adding a professional photo, writing a compelling bio, and showcasing your portfolio.

Pitching Your Guest Post

Crafting a persuasive pitch is crucial for landing guest posting opportunities:

  • Tailor Your Pitch: Customize your pitches for different clients by addressing their specific needs and requirements.
  • Highlight Your Expertise: Emphasize your expertise in the chosen niche and your ability to deliver valuable content.

Writing High-Quality Guest Posts

When writing guest posts for iCopify, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Follow Client Guidelines: Adhere to the guidelines provided by clients regarding content length, style, and tone.
  • Originality is Key: Ensure that your content is original and free from plagiarism.

SEO Optimization for iCopify Guest Posts

To maximize the impact of your guest posts, optimize them for SEO:

  • Keyword Placement: Strategically place keywords throughout your content, including in the title, headers, and body.
  • Meta Tags: Create compelling meta titles and descriptions that encourage clicks.
  • Image Optimization: Optimize images with relevant alt text and file names.
  • Incorporate Relevant Links: Include both internal and external links to authoritative sources when appropriate.

Submitting and Managing Guest Posts

Here’s how to navigate the process of submitting and managing your guest posts on iCopify:

  • Submitting Your Work: Use the iCopify platform to submit your completed guest posts to clients.
  • Communication: Maintain clear and professional communication with clients and editors throughout the process.

Measuring Success

Track the success of your iCopify guest posts:

  • Performance Metrics: Monitor key performance metrics such as traffic, engagement, and conversion rates on your website.
  • SEO Impact: Assess how your guest posting efforts on iCopify contribute to your website’s search engine rankings.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Building lasting relationships on iCopify can lead to ongoing opportunities:

  • Consistency: Deliver consistent, high-quality work to build trust with clients.
  • Ask for Feedback: Request feedback from clients to continually improve your guest posting skills.
Working with iCopify
Working with iCopify


Working with iCopify for guest posts is a rewarding endeavor that can enhance your online presence and credibility. By understanding the platform, preparing diligently, and optimizing your content for SEO, you’ll be well on your way to guest posting success. Start your journey with iCopify today and unlock the potential for growth and recognition in your niche.

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