How to Delete PicsArt Video Files on Android


You can make and edit videos directly on your Android device using PicsArt, a sophisticated multimedia editing tool. But as you produce and edit, you might amass a library of video files that you no longer require. 

The steps in this manual will help you successfully How to Delete PicsArt Video Files on Android

 Locating PicsArt Video Files

Using the PicsArt App

PicsArt features a built-in file manager that simplifies the task of finding your video files:

Open PicsArt: 

  • Launch the PicsArt app on your Android device.

Access ‘My Files’:

  • From the main menu, tap on ‘My Files.’ This is where your PicsArt multimedia files are organized.

Find Video Files: 

  • Within ‘My Files,’ look for the ‘Videos’ or ‘Media’ section. Here, you’ll find your PicsArt video files.

Using the Android File Manager

If you would rather use the built-in file manager on your device, do the following:

Open File Manager: 

Open your Android device’s file manager, which is typically referred to as “Files” or “My Files.”

Navigate to Internal Storage: 

  • Typically, PicsArt video files are stored in your device’s internal storage. Navigate to ‘Internal Storage’ or ‘SD Card’ (if applicable).

Locate the ‘PicsArt’ Folder: 

  • Within the internal storage, find and open the ‘PicsArt’ folder.

Find Video Files:

  •  Look for your PicsArt video files under the ‘Videos’ or ‘Media’ subfolder.
How to Delete PicsArt Video Files on Android
How to Delete PicsArt Video Files on Android

Deleting PicArt Video Files

Deleting from PicsArt App

Deleting video files from within PicsArt is straightforward:

Open PicsArt:

  •  Launch the PicsArt app.

Access ‘My Files’: 

  • Locate your video files by tapping on ‘My Files’ in the main menu.

Delete a Video: 

  • To remove a video, long-press on it. There will be a menu.

Confirm Deletion:

  •  Tap ‘Delete’ to confirm the deletion. Repeat these steps for each video file you wish to remove.

Deleting Using Android File Manager

Deleting PicsArt video files using your device’s file manager is equally simple:

Open File Manager:

  •  Launch your device’s file manager.

Navigate to ‘PicsArt’ Folder:

  •  Go to the ‘PicsArt’ folder as previously mentioned.

Select a Video File: 

  • Long-press on the video file you want to delete.

Delete the Video: 

  • ‘Delete’ or ‘Trash’ should be selected. Additionally, you have the option to delete many video files at once.

Recovering Deleted Files

From the PicsArt Trash (Recycle Bin)

PicsArt includes a convenient trash or recycle bin feature for recovering accidentally deleted files:

Open PicsArt:

  •  Launch the PicsArt app.

Access ‘Trash’: 

  • Press the ‘Trash’ or ‘Recycle Bin’ icon located in the ‘My Files’ section.

Restore a Deleted Video:

  •  Locate the deleted video you wish to recover, tap on it, and select ‘Restore.’

Using Data Recovery Apps

For cases where a video file has been permanently deleted or isn’t recoverable through PicsArt’s trash, consider using Android data recovery apps like “DiskDigger” or “Dr.Fone.” These apps can help you retrieve deleted media files.

Tips and Considerations

Backing Up Important Files

Before deleting any video files, it’s wise to back them up to prevent accidental loss. Use cloud storage services, external storage devices, or backup apps to safeguard your valuable media content.

Managing Storage Space

Regularly assess your device’s storage to ensure it doesn’t become cluttered. Deleting unnecessary files, including PicsArt videos, can free up space and enhance your device’s performance.


Common Issues

If you encounter problems while deleting PicsArt video files, such as permission issues or errors, consider these troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your Android device.
  • Ensure your PicsArt app is up to date.
  • Check for updates to your Android operating system.
Delete PicsArt Video Files on Android
Delete PicsArt Video Files on Android


Efficiently managing and deleting PicsArt video files on your Android device is essential for maintaining storage space, organization, and a seamless user experience. Whether you choose to use the PicsArt file manager or your device’s file manager, you can easily locate and remove unwanted video files.

Final Thoughts

To get the most out of your Android device and your creative pursuits with PicsArt, remember to strike a balance between organization and maintenance. Regularly review and manage your multimedia files, and always take precautions to back up important content. With these practices, you’ll enjoy a clutter-free and efficient Android experience.

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