Does Cox offer Fiber Internet?

Cox Communications is 3rd largest internet provider in the US. Cox has served more than 6 million people around the state and if we talk about their base and infrastructure; they have invested billions of dollars on their infrastructure. Cox aims to provide their services that are easily accessible to everyone, services like internet, Cox Homelife, TV and Cox Phones.

Cox is currently operating in 19 states, their customer support service is top notch, they provide 24/7 Cox customer service to facilitate them and so that they can have less difficulties. Cox always keep their users in mind and offers variety of packages for them, whether it is internet, homelife security, tv or phone, depending on the usage of an individual. Cox has variety in their internet service as well where they offer their premium fiber internet service too.

Cox has one of the best internet services in the town and their claim to be better than the local 5G home providers is somehow making us believe, they are absolutely right. Their internet services include features like 

  • Their download speed varies in between 100mbps to 2Gbps depending upon the plan and usage of consumer.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service to facilitate their consumers.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed, in case if you change your mind, you don’t need to worry because Cox has a month money back guaranteed service.
  • Offers services like Cox TV, Cox Phone and Home Security with it too, only if you want to avail in bundle.
  • Cox offers their basic plan starting with 49.99$ only, you can get a discount if you are already a Cox member.
  • They offer Panoramic WiFi service, more than 70% of their customers avail Panoramic WiFi router.
  • You can change your speed, even after installation. Cox aims to be a user-friendly network, whatever suits your household, you can contact their customer support.

Cox Availability

Cox is currently operating in 19 states in the US and planning to go further and their 19 states include 

Louisiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Rhode Island, Virginia, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina and Nebraska.

Cox Internet Plans 

  1. Cox Go Fast 

Go fast is its 1st plan offered by Cox where users can get up to 100 Mbps of download speed and up to 5 Mbps upload speed, which I believe is good, with this speed, you can scroll your favorite websites but if you are hoping to watch seasons of your favorite show, this package is definitely not for you.

2) Cox Go Faster

Go Faster is the second plan offered by them where you can get up to 250 Mbps download speed. Now you can watch your favorite movie or maybe you learn your courses online, attend zoom calls, you can work from home too, you can do all of your task in this plan, Isn’t that Amazing? 

3) Cox Go Even Faster

In just 89.99$, Cox Communications is up to bring exciting package for their consumers and if you are competitive gamer who loves maintaining rank, then this package would please you maybe because of 500mbps download speed. I am sure you’re already liking it but wait we have more to show you.

4) Cox Go Super-Fast

At a reasonable pricing of 109.99$, Cox Communications comes with their high-speed thunderbolt and if you want gaming with ultra HDR graphics, then this package is nothing but a dream come true thing for you because your gaming experience won’t get ruined with lags as this package gives you around 1Gb download speed, which is INSANE Moreover, Cox has NO Cancellation Fees for this package.

5) Cox Go Beyond Fast

What if I say you can do literally whatever you want because Go Beyond Fast comes up with terrific 2GB download speed, you can sit for hours, watch your favorite shows without buffering in 4k or 8k, you can play latest games in just a go because I can assure you one thing; Go Beyond would take you on another world where everything will seem super-fast. This ultimate madness of speed will a joy for you. Agree?

Other Services 

As mentioned above, Cox is an all rounder and they have proved it over the years where they provide services like Cox Homelife security, Cox Phone, Internet and Cox Phone. Talking about their other services apart from their premium internet is Cox Homelife Security.

Cox Homelife Security

Cox Homelife is a smart home system that helps you stay connected to what’s happening in and around your house, doesn’t matter wherever you are. For example, you have to go somewhere but you can keep an eye on your house. Feel safe with Cox.


Everyone wish to build a better lifestyle for themselves with fair pricing and that is the reason Cox offers its services in a bundle to facilitate their consumers and they charge you the exact amount you opt.

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