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3D Product Configurator: A Must-Have For Manufacturers

With more people buying things online, e-commerce is more cutthroat than ever. To successfully navigate the shifting landscape, eCommerce businesses must have an agile mindset.

If you run an online store or are considering doing so, you should know the resources that may propel your brand to the top of its field. You can fall back on caught-up if you need to remember these value-added technologies.

A T-shirt configurator software makes shirt customization easy. The user-friendly interface lets you customize color, style, and text. Customers may see their works in real time with straightforward features, delivering a smooth and engaging experience. It streamlines design, improving consumer happiness and company output.

How do 3D product configurators operate? 

Adding a 3D product configurator to your online shop may help you in numerous ways. The buying process for your consumers may be streamlined, and the worth of your offerings can be better shown.

  1. CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)  

The most helpful benefit is that helpful product configurators can be provided to your online store. CPQ is an acronym for “configure, price, quote,” this add-ill lets your company do just that. This greatly facilitates the sale of sophisticated products that provide a wide range of customizable options.

With the help of 3D product configurators, your sales staff may become engaged in the process that has decided on most of the product’s aesthetic features. If you use CPQ with an automated eCommerce platform like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Opencart, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Salesforce CommerceCloud, NetSuite, Etsy, etc., they may not even need to get involved in most of the sales that your site processes.

Customers may build the perfect product by selecting features from a menu they’ve created themselves. After the consumer makes their selections, the final pricing will be determined. The 3D configurator software will then generate an estimate detailing the cost of the chosen product based on the information provided.

  1. Display both function and style.  

Consumers are becoming more hesitant to make impulsive purchases. They expect to feel like they’re at an actual store, even while they’re making online. Here is where 3D product configurators may do wonders for your company’s reputation and bottom line.

In addition to showing how the final product will appear and perform, 3D configurators may show how each component. Consider some places where you can get parts to assemble and assemble and how a 3D configurator may benefit your business in this scenario. Products the customer can try out to purchase have far higher consumer confidence levels.

One of the finest applications of 3D product configurators is promoting items or products with various aesthetic customization possibilities.

  1. Offer Photo-Realistic Models  

Flat product graphics need to be more appealing to today’s discerning customers. When selling complex items online, the lack of quality shown by these basic photos may be a challenge for eCommerce firms.

With the help of a 3D configurator, your company may provide customers with near-photographic replicas of the products they’re interested in. With the zoom feature in many configurators, your customers will feel comfortable with the textures of the items they see.

  1. Compatible with any device  

For many eCommerce firms, 3D configurators provide this advantage. Optimizing product graphics and interactions for all devices is difficult. Your brand might lose a lot of revenue if mobile shoppers have a poor purchase experience.

By using 3D configurators, you can ensure that the visuals of your products look great on every screen size, from tablets to mobile phones. This ensures that customers enjoy the same streamlined and high-quality shopping experience when using a computer, regardless of the device. 

The advantages of this feature of 3D configurators extend to the realm of social media as well. Since social media promotion seldom targets such advanced forms of consumer interaction, this may be a huge advantage for many online merchants’ businesses.

  1. Enhances Interactions with Users and CTAs  

The call-to-action feature in mn 3D configurators is a terrific method to nudge hesitant customers over the edge and into purchasing. A 3D product may be an effective sales tool, especially when combined with a prompt to click “submit” next” to complete the purchase.

After a customer has finished customizing an item using your 3D configurator, you can quickly set it up to direct them to various delivery options. Customers will feel more comfortable moving through with a purchase if they know exactly how much this particular product is.

Any who receives a preview of their personalized purchase is less likely to cancel it. A clear call to action for future actions is all it takes to close sales.

  1. Make three sales Commercials.  

Furthermore, here is where 3D product configurators shine. Using your product renderings, you may make attractive advertisements that appeal to those who still need to visit your eCommerce business but provide the same advantages.

Clear images of the advertised goods appeal more to potential customers than staged photos that don’t let them engage with the item. Store owners may see analytics like engagement rates, click-through percentages, and more with e-commerce advertising. Including advertisements created with a 3D configurator in your arsenal can help you learn more about customer behavior when presented with an engaging ad.


Your eCommerce business may benefit from 3D configurators that enhance practically every stage of the purchase process. As eCommerce rivalry rises, counting on Brush Your Ideas T-shirt configurator software is essential to grow your business. 

Choosing our groundbreaking technology will position your business at the forefront of this new trend and give you a head start on improving your business. Choose our solution today and stay ahead of your rivals.

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